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4 Things Your Retail Displays are Missing

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Retail displays are a powerful marketing and sales tool, so why aren’t yours driving sales? You’ve probably scratched your head and wondered this many times, especially if you recently developed new retail displays for your brand. While all displays are different, here are a few things yours might be missing:

1. Customized design—Your retail displays should be unique, just like your brand. If you feel like you’ve seen the same retail displays you’re using multiple times, they’re probably missing that uniqueness factor that will help your product win at retail.

Retail displays are a powerful marketing and sales tool

2. A clear call to action—What do you want shoppers to do when they come across your retail displays? Do you want them to try a free sample, pick up your product, take advantage of a great deal, or simply put your product in their cart? Define what the goal of your retail displays is before they enter the store floor.

3. A targeted market—Your product and brand aren’t going to appeal to everyone in every demographic. Therefore, you need to figure out who exactly you’re trying to sell to and create your retail displays with these parameters in mind.

4. The expertise of d3—If your retail displays aren’t performing, they’re probably missing one major piece to the puzzle: the design and creation expertise of our team at d3. We have created retail displays for numerous brands in numerous industries, and we have the expertise to make your brand and displays stand out.