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How the Pandemic has Changed Retail Displays

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Adapting to change has always been a necessary part of being successful. Industries that do not adapt to changing times find themselves eliminated. Imagine if the telephone service providers had stubbornly stuck to landline services, for example. It was their shift to mobile service that allowed them to remain profitable and become even more successful.

How the Pandemic has Changed Retail Displays

The pandemic has resulted in many retail businesses failing, yet many are doing well. There are several reasons why some prosper and others fail, but adaptability is definitely one of them. Those that have remained open have done so partly by changing their retail displays to accommodate the new way that customers shop.

One of the main differences in customer behavior is a tendency to touch fewer products. Retail displays that are easy to navigate to select one item without touching others are necessary to accommodate this change. In addition, when there is enough information on the display itself, it negates the need to handle the package to learn more about the product. Customers are also more reluctant to ask a store employee for assistance, so retail displays that address common questions can make a difference between making the purchase and deciding against it due to unanswered questions.

There are various ways your retail displays can be designed to adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic. An example is involving technology such as a video loop or QR codes so customer get the answers they need.

If you would like to discuss retail displays that can help your store adapt to the changes the pandemic has made not only with today’s shoppers but potentially long into the future, reach out to us at d3. We can help you keep your displays relevant post-pandemic so you can achieve the profits you need to not just survive, but thrive.