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Possible Reasons Your Store Displays Aren’t Working

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It is never a good feeling to look at reports that show that your store displays are not garnering the sales you projected. Every square foot of your store needs to pull its own weight, and if dust is settling on one or more of your displays, you have to come up with a plan. The first part of any solution is finding out the cause of the problem. Here are some possible reasons why your store displays might not be working as you would like:

  • Your store displays are old- Almost everything eventually reaches a point of being close to worthless, and store displays are no exception. If your store displays are in poor condition or don’t garner the excitement that new ones could, it is time to invest in new store displays.

Possible Reasons Your Store Displays Aren’t Working

  • Your store displays are difficult to use- Not all store displays are designed well to begin with. If a customer feels apprehensive that they’ll set off an avalanche if they take an item off the display, they won’t bother.
  • Your store displays are confusing and overwhelming- While you can err on the side of boring, you can also make them too busy to the point where shoppers will actually speed up to get past them instead of picking up the product.
  • Your store displays aren’t interactive- If your store displays do not connect with the shoppers on some level, they may as well be invisible because the customer doesn’t even notice them.

If you realize you need new store displays so you can get those sales figures where they need to be, reach out to us at d3. Our DEFINE • DESIGN • DELIVER process will ensure that your displays will perform as they should and transform shoppers into buyers. Call today to learn more about how we can help you get a thumbs up from shoppers instead of a thumbs down and turn that empty cart into an overflowing one!