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Qualities of Successful Temporary POP Displays

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Here at d3, we know that you care about your business and want to make it as successful as possible. A big part of that is investing in high-quality displays for your products. Our team specializes in providing effective point-of-purchase or POP displays for both long-term and temporary use. In this article, we’ll be focusing on temporary POP displays and the qualities that make them successful sales boosters.

The first quality of successful temporary POP displays

  • Eye-Catching. The first quality of successful temporary POP displays is that they catch the eye. Your goal with these displays is to draw attention to particular products and encourage your customers to buy, so we at d3 recommend using bold, attractive graphics to entice your audience. Of course, it’s more difficult to get the visual balance right than it would seem, so it’s always a wise idea to work with a professional display designer.
  • Concise. Another thing that most effective temporary POP displays share is that their messaging is concise. While it’s important to inform your customers about your products, you want to make sure to do so in as few words as you reasonably can, as the vast majority of shoppers are not going to hang around to read a lot of fine print. Refine your message down to its essential points in order to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Accessible. Lastly, effective temporary POP displays are accessible, meaning that it’s easy for your customers to pick up your product, examine it, and put it into their carts. If a shopper has to struggle to reach an item or to get it out of the display, they are less likely to buy and more likely to just give up and keep walking. Our team at d3 has extensive experience in display design, and we will help you avoid this problem and make your product as convenient to access as possible.