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Should You Factor in Stock Storage Space in Your Custom Retail Displays

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There is no right answer when it comes to managing stock for your store. Some smaller stores choose to order only to fill their custom retail displays and keep very little in a stock room. Large stores may have massive stock rooms so they can reduce transportation costs and take advantage of bulk purchase prices. In both instances, it can be helpful to design custom retail displays that have hidden stock storage space to aid in restocking.

design stage of your custom retail displays

One of the factors that can come into play in your decision to go with stock storage space is your business hours. A company that is open 24 hours a day will find it more difficult to restock without disturbing customers, so having extra stock storage space right where the products go will prove helpful. If you can just pull out a pallet of products with a pallet jack after hours, you may not find it necessary to have stock storage space in your custom retail displays.

Another factor is how often you would need to appease a customer’s request for products that have run out on the shelf. If it happens often and you don’t want to lose a customer while you go hunt down what they want in a large stock room, having stock storage space right there can prove helpful.

If stock storage space is important to you, don’t hesitate to discuss that with us at d3 when we are in the design stage of your custom retail displays. You can count on us for flawless execution, attention to detail, hands-on management, and 24/7 availability. Need something done? Just ask! If something goes wrong, we’ll make it right. We will be by your side throughout. Call today to learn more.