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2021 Trends and Effective Uses for POP Displays

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Let’s face it– shopping has changed because of the pandemic, and most likely we’ll see many shopping behaviour changes become permanent. It has always been important to consider trends to avoid having your retail store become stale and uninspiring. Throw in the pandemic twist, and it is more critical than ever to pay attention to changes when considering your POP displays. Here are some 2021 trends you should consider:

  • Contactless shopping- Many shoppers are choosing to select their purchases online and pick them up curbside. It is estimated that a large percentage of shoppers will continue shopping in this manner. If you want to capture the attention of these shoppers, you may need to consider POP displays that are outside your front door where they can be seen from your customers’ vehicle. Impulse buying is more challenging this way, but it is possible provided you have an outdoor register to finalize these last-minute purchases or are able to add to an order they placed from home.

2021 Trends and Effective Uses for POP Displays

  • Customer loyalty- With more people shopping online, it is much more difficult to maintain customer loyalty. This can also work in your favor as you could get some new customers because you’ve provided something your competitors don’t. Make it easy for those who do come into your store to find the items they commonly purchase by utilizing POP displays. They will appreciate being able to get in, make their purchase, and get out.
  • More local shopping- The trend is for shopping at local stores rather than big box retailers. The public is more aware that their community is struggling and has become more determined to support small local businesses whenever possible. Consider POP displays that demonstrate you care about your community and that you are thankful for each and every shopper.
  • Less spontaneity- Expect shoppers to make purchases more thoughtfully, which puts a different spin on POP displays. Instead of planning them to encourage mostly impulse purchases, create displays that create a connection and fulfill a need. The key is to anticipate those items they may not have thought about upon entering the store, but will realize they do want to purchase if they see them near checkout.

At d3, our goal is to help you have a competitive edge, and we will do whatever it takes to help you thrive despite the challenges of changing shopping behaviors. There is no limit to what we are willing to do to help you have POP displays that boost your sales and create a bond with your customers. Reach out today to learn more about our process.