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Even though online shopping is gaining traction at record rates, a large portion of shoppers today still frequent brick-and-mortar retail outlets because they want to avoid delivery fees, desire to touch and feel products, and because in many cases, they want to have the item in their possession immediately after purchase. For these reasons, permanent POP displays remain an effective way to advertise your product and drive sales. More specifically, permanent POP displays are a beneficial investment for your business for the following reasons:

1. You can target specific demographics—What type of people are shopping at the retail outlets where your permanent POP displays are housed? Since it’s impossible to target your entire customer base all at once, permanent POP displays let you home in on one demographic and drive sales among them.

permanent POP displays remain an effective way to advertise your product

2. You can give new products traction—Making a new product successful takes time and different marketing strategies. By using POP displays to introduce and market a new product, you can solidify your other advertisements and make your product readily available to customers who may have already heard of it through other mediums.

3. These displays are ideal for cross-selling—When you cross-sell an item, you encourage shoppers to buy items that complement another purchase. For example, if you well bikes, you may want to include a POP display nearby that houses chain locks or helmets also sold by your brand.

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