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3 Tips for Creating Effective POP Displays

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Here at d3, we know your business is important to you and you want to help it succeed any way that you can. If you operate a retail business, a big part of generating that success is going to be creating effective point-of-purchase or POP displays. Our team specializes in creating high-quality POP displays for all types of products, and in this article, we’ll be going over three tips on how to make yours as effective as possible.

POP displays should work with the rest of your company branding

  • Know Your Audience. Our first tip for creating effective POP displays is to know your target audience. Knowing which demographic you want to attract with your display will help you more effectively communicate your message and speak to their experience. You can’t send a message that your product will meet their needs if you don’t know what those needs are.
  • Tell a Story. Our next tip for creating effective POP displays is to tell a unique story with your branding and visuals. What is it about your product that makes it a better choice than all the other options on the market? You should have a clear answer to this question in mind, and tailor your images, graphics, colour palette, and text to communicate that answer. Of course, this is difficult to pull off if you’re not trained in visual design, but fortunately you can turn to our team at d3 to help you tell a story through your displays that successfully draws in your customers.
  • Maintain Your Branding. The last tip that our team at d3 will offer here is that your POP displays should work with the rest of your company branding. When brainstorming ideas, it’s easy to zoom in on just that individual product or event and lose sight of your brand’s overall visual profile, leaving you with a display that clashes with the rest of your signage and promotional material. Instead, you should create a display that fits harmoniously with your brand’s larger “palette” to promote not only that one product or line but your company as a whole.