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3 Types of Retail Displays to Consider for Your Products

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Retail displays come in many different shapes, sizes, layouts, and designs. Specific types of displays are best suited for different types of products, so the right retail displays for your store will depend on what products you’re selling.

3 Types of Retail Displays to Consider for Your Products

Here are three different types of retail displays to consider for selling your products:

  • Counter displays. If you have smaller products, such as candy or cosmetics, counter displays are perfect. These retail displays are great for impulse-buy products, and you can place these displays on counters, tables, and other flat surfaces.
  • Dump bins. Dump bins are essentially large boxes designed to fit a large quantity of products. They are effective because they can be seen from all angles, can be placed in many different areas around your store, and can be easily customized for what you’re advertising. Dump bins are usually used for individually packaged items.
  • Endcap displays. For retail spaces that have aisles, endcap displays are an effective advertising tool. They sit at the space between aisles, so they’re often more eye-catching than items stocked in large aisles, so they’re great at attracting the attention of customers who doesn’t usually walk down the aisle.

Here at d3, we have many different types of retail displays that are perfect for selling a wide variety of products. If you have a specific type of display in mind, we can work with you to create a custom display option that best suit your needs. If you want to work with a company that values producing high-quality displays and other solutions for selling your products, give us a call today.