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4 Reasons Your Store Displays Aren't Working (and What to Do About It)

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Store displays are supposed to make your brand more successful instead of harming it, right? If you feel like your store displays just aren’t working like they should, here are four mistakes you could be making (and what to do to fix things):

1. They’re one-dimensional—We don’t live in a one-dimensional world, so your store displays should reflect this. If your current displays lack depth and height, your display could be boring shoppers. Add different colors, depths, heights, and visual elements where possible to make people more interested in your display.

The best displays get people to really engage with your brand

2. They’re too busy—When it comes to store displays, in many cases, less is more! Don’t let too many visuals, colors, or graphics distract from your display’s primary purpose – to drive sales. If you feel like your displays are just too much, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and redefine your goals.

3. They’re not easy to use—Are your store displays stunning and attractive, but they don’t serve a purpose? All displays should be utilitarian to a point, so customers should be able to see your product and brand in action.

4. They’re not interactive—The best displays get people to really engage with your brand and picture how it could benefit their lives. If you’re not including interactivity with your store displays, find ways to get people involved, whether that means including an iPad to show off different uses or offering samples.