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4 Things Great Custom Displays All Have in Common

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Yes, your custom displays should be totally unique. But at the same time, there are a few things that every custom display has that make it successful. We’ll make sure your custom displays have these things to power their success and forge strong shopper connections:

1.  Unified design – Your custom displays should match your company’s branding. Otherwise, consumers will get confused and be unlikely to connect your brand with the product they buy in store, reducing your brand continuity and chances of shopper loyalty.

4 Things Great Custom Displays All Have in Common

2.  A strong message – What do you want shoppers to do? Pick up your product? Smell it? Try it on? Take a sample? Strong calls to action are something that every great store display has.

3.  Bold graphics, colors, and pictures – In a busy retail environment, you have to know how to get people’s attention. While staying on brand, we’ll make sure your custom displays feature bold colors, graphics, and lettering to grab the attention of even the busiest shopper.

4.  Solid construction – You want multiple people to access your display every day without it falling apart. We’ll use the right combination of durable materials to ensure your custom displays remain in good condition for their intended usage period.

Combine these four principles of a great custom display along with our customized approach to drive brand recognition, sales growth, and customer loyalty. Find out more about how our custom displays make this happen by getting in touch with us at d3 today.