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Design Decisions that Can Undercut Your Custom Temporary Displays

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Our team at d3 specializes in designing and supplying retail displays of all kinds. We understand the importance of good product presentation, and we want to help you show your products off in the best light in order to entice as many customers as possible. We can help you with any kind of display, but one area where our clients frequently ask for help is with designing custom temporary displays. In this article, we will go over some design mistakes that may be limiting your displays’ effectiveness and what you should be doing instead.

Design Decisions that Can Undercut Your Custom Temporary Displays

•  Disorganization. One common stumbling block in designing custom temporary displays is making things too disorganized or chaotic. While you do want your display to be visually interesting, you also want your customers to be able to identify key information about your product and brand. Make sure your design is cohesive and readable and group items together in a logical way.

•  Level of Variety. Another place where many custom temporary displays go wrong is in how much variety they include in their design and in the products they display. Some displays have too much variety, which makes the display look cluttered, or worse, induces analysis paralysis in the customer. On the other hand, having no variety can make your display look boring or your brand limited.

•  Overpowering the Product. A third mistake when it comes to designing temporary custom displays is making the display overpower the product. While you definitely want the display to look nice, ultimately, it is there to showcase the product, not show off in its own right. Think of it like a picture frame–it should complement and highlight the product inside, but not be the main focus.