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Design Tips for More Enticing Store Displays

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While online shopping is here to stay, many shoppers still visit brick-and-mortar stores for a significant percentage of their purchases. This means there is still plenty of money to be made in in-person retail, but it also means store owners like you should employ strategies to encourage customers to spend more at your location.

Design Tips for More Enticing Store Displays

One way to increase spending is to improve your store displays to make them more enticing, and our team at d3 has the right experience to help you do that. In this article, we’ll provide a few design tips on how to make your displays more attractive.

  • Theme – When creating store displays, try to give your items a cohesive theme. A themed display creates a narrative for the customer, giving them ideas about how to use your products in their lives, and providing a vision for how their lives could be. On a more practical level, themed displays also give you great opportunities for cross-promotion, as you can highlight a variety of products at once instead of just one line or category.
  • Focus – Our second tip for creating more enticing store displays is to choose a focal point. In other words, don’t try to give all the items equal visual weight, but instead choose one product or product line to serve as the main attention-grabber. Then, use the other items to support the main one.
  • Novelty – Lastly, remember the point of store displays is to highlight different products and collections, and that these displays work best when you change them up periodically. People are very good at tuning out things they’ve seen before, so make sure to change up your store displays regularly to keep things novel, fresh, and interesting.