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Don't Make These Common Mistakes with Your Retail-Ready Displays

You want your retail-ready displays to boost your brand’s performance. To make sure you take your brand’s growth to the next level, you need to avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Narrow, twisted, or uneven paths – Your retail-ready displays should promote smooth traffic flow as people walk around them. Otherwise, the shopping experience will be cramped, crowded and uncomfortable. Make sure the pathways between your display racks are large enough to encourage people to walk around.
  • Too many types of shelving systems – It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that using multiple shelving systems in your retail-ready displays creates interest. However, doing so can heighten shopping discomfort and detract from the cohesiveness of your brand.
  • Too many products – While you can usually display several products at one time, it’s best not to go overboard. Make sure you include just enough products on your retail-ready displays, so you don’t overwhelm shoppers but still give off the impression your brand offers enough variety.
  • Bad lighting – Every store has intrinsic factors that affect the behaviour of shoppers, like lighting. Make sure your retail-ready displays are properly lit to help shoppers feel comfortable and excited when they look at what your brand offers.

Here at d3, we’ll help you avoid these common design mistakes, so you enhance your brand’s in-store performance right from the start. Give us a call today to find out more!