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Effective Types of Store Displays

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“Variety is the spice of life, which gives it all its flavor.”

-William Cowper, 1875, from The Task


Effective Types of Store DisplaysImagine a life where you had the same meals and wore the same outfit day after day. It would be quite boring, to say the least. There are few among us who do not crave variety. If you understand that part of human nature, it makes sense that you use a bit of variety with your store displays. While one type could be highly effective, it is best to use a variety of effective types of store displays to keep your customers engaged and facilitate purchase decisions.

  • Entryway store displays- The sooner you can put your customers in a good mood, the more likely they’ll be to fill their carts. Entryway store displays capture their attention right away and can set the stage for impulse buys.
  • Dump bins- There will always be products that are difficult to display on a shelf or other type of store display. A dump bin can be a great solution and draws attention as customers equate this type of display to a place for bargains.
  • Freestanding store displays- Every inch of your store layout should be utilized as efficiently as possible. A standalone display works well in the middle of wider aisles and allows for viewing and interacting from all directions.
  • End cap store displays- Some shoppers have the tendency to go up and down every aisle looking at as many shelves as they can. That doesn’t happen when time is constrained. When in a rush, a shopper will focus on what they came to your store for in the first place and grab a quick look at the end caps where they expect to see sale items.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with adding variety to your store displays. There are unlimited options, especially when you consider custom ones. At d3, we will work with you to create the various store displays you need and customize them to fit your brand, products, and other objectives. Reach out today to learn more about how your store displays can encourage your customers to leave with plenty of shopping bags!