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POP Displays

Creating relevant POP displays that drive sales and encourage customer attention is both an art and science. If you’re ready to try your hand at designing POP displays or you have plans to update your current POP displays, here are some quick and easy tips for making the most of this display solution:

  • Even though your POP displays direct shopper attention to them, your product is still the star of the show. When designing your displays, make sure the compartments and shelving are large enough to house your products, so they remain visible and accessible to passersby.
  • POP displays can be customized however you see fit, so whatever vision you have in mind, let us know! Depending on your product, the more out of the box your displays are, the better.
  • Many POP displays include interactive options to enhance the shopper experience. Consider including something the shopper can takeaway from the display, such as a coupon they can use with their purchase or later on.
  • The longer a POP display sits in one spot, the more it will blend into the scenery and fail to catch the attention of shoppers. To make sure your POP displays continue to get noticed by store patrons, plan out a schedule for redesigning and rotating them often.

We have many, many more tips and suggestions for creating POP displays that get results. Get in touch with us at d3 today to find out how we can help!