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How to Make Your POP Displays Appeal
to Millennials

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Right now, millennials make up the largest portion of the workforce, and they also represent the greatest amount of spending power within the population. As a result, it’s a good idea to target your POP displays to this group, so you can make your displays more effective while promoting your brand. Here are a few strategies we recommend for catering your POP displays to millennials:

  • Communicate your involvement with charities—Millennials will often spend more money on a brand if they support causes that resound with them. If your brand is involved with charitable efforts, make sure you note this on your POP displays. We can help with this process if you need ideas and inspiration!
catering your POP displays to millennials
  • Implement elements of your online process—Even though millennials do tons of research on their phones, they’re still likely to purchase products in stores. For this reason, make sure your online branding and the branding you use on your POP displays is cohesive.
  • Prominently note discounts or sales—Even though millennials are relatively loyal to brands, they’re still conscious of price and love a good discount. If your brand plans on running a sale or offering a discount if certain actions are taken, make sure this is clear on your POP displays.

These are just a few of the strategies we recommend using for targeting millennials through your POP displays. If you want other ideas or help developing effective POP displays for your brand, give us a call at d3 today, and let’s get started!