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How to Make Your POP Displays “Pop!”

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make your POP displays “pop” to get buyers interested

In the world of retail, getting your product to appeal to potential buyers is paramount in terms of importance. You need potential buyers to easily see your product, see how it could be useful in their lives, and then decide to make the purchase. Here at d3, we want to make sure that your product is easily visible and at the ideal locations to turn potential customers into buyers. If you’re looking into POP (point of purchase) displays, you’ll need to make your POP displays “pop” to get buyers interested. Here are a few ideas to help you do just that.

First, make sure that everything is clear and concise. At the point of purchase, many people are already on their way out the door. They might be distracted by a child, the point of sale cashier or even by their list of items they needed to pick up that day. You’ll only have a matter of a few seconds to grab their attention and encourage them to try your product. Making the marketing very short, clear and concise can be very beneficial for these distracted consumers.

Second, make sure that your POP displays have a pop of color. Whether you choose to have the packaging of your product be colorful, the brand or the POP display itself, attract the eye with bright coloring and easy-to-read lettering.

Finally, put your POP display somewhere in the store that it will be seen the most. Sometimes this is by a standard register, sometimes this is by the door as people walk in, and other times it is centrally located within a self-checkout bank of registers.