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The form vs. function debate is one that will probably never go away. However, at d3, we understand that a great product display needs to both have shopper impact, by way of structural design, product integration and shopper messaging, as well as functionality, by way of structural integrity and ease of set up.

Principles Of Design: Form Vs. Function

This is no easy task to create this beneficial equilibrium, but at d3, we bring DESIGN, INTELLIGENCE and INTEGRITY to every task..


Depending on the retail environment– mass, grocery, retail, convenience, drug or big box– shoppers shop the aisles in very different ways and with very different intentions.  In grocery and convenience, shoppers tend to shop by lists, or for specific items.  Thus, the role of a display is to disrupt their pattern and present a value proposition.  For shoppers in retail, big box or mass locations, there is a tendency to explore aisles and consider brand propositions; thus, the role of displays is to present and inform. At d3, we bring both shopper and retailer intelligence to every design project because we know that intelligent design wins every time.




Let’s not kid ourselves– form can be equally as important to retailers as function.


Yes, retailers are asking from their vendors, displays that are durable enough to hold their design features and structural integrity for at least 4 weeks in a rather hostile environment.  But retailers are also giving preferences to vendors who create displays that help to sell, not just feature products.  So consider how your display can act as “another” sales person.  Messaging, design features and form allow a shopper to notice, learn, apply and buy.


When it comes to design, your displays should be both attractive and functional. At d3, we know exactly how to do this and will make sure that your displays drive sales growth, draw customers in, and ultimately help your brand reach a new level of success.