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Should You Update Your Custom Displays?

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Depending on the type of retailer you are, it can be vitally important to provide a dynamic shopping experience. You want shoppers to come to you regularly to see what’s new. Even stores that do not experience much in the way of product changes can see benefits from mixing things up a bit. Updating your custom displays can go a long way to refreshing the overall appearance of your store. Here are a few reasons you should update your custom displays:

  • Products have changed- If you have new products that aren’t displayed favorably on your current displays, they might not be selling as well as they could be. Having a custom display designed to fit these products will provide a good return on your investment.

Should You Update Your Custom Displays?

  • Improved store layout- Revamping your store layout and using custom displays to facilitate strategic placements can go a long way to using your square footage more efficiently. Changing the traffic flow can spark new interest and let you showcase your high profit margin products.
  • Meet and exceed sales goals- If your sales have flattened and you aren’t meeting projections, it’s time to consider ways to increase browser-to-buyer conversion. New custom displays that show your products in their best light can go a long way to helping you exceed your sales goals.

The key isn’t just to add a few more custom displays, but to define the need, design the ideal solution, and deliver it to the right locations around your store. At d3, our DEFINE • DESIGN • DELIVER process is what we are all about! We manufacture custom displays that will benefit your business by turning your browsers into buyers. Reach out today to learn more and get started. We want to help you have eager customers waiting at the door when you open each day.