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Signs it's Time to Refresh Your Custom Temporary Displays

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Custom temporary displays are exactly that – temporary. If you feel like it’s time to update your custom temporary displays, but aren’t sure whether a refresh is necessary, here are a few signs that indicate it’s time to move forward with our help here at d3:

  • Your custom temporary displays aren’t unique—Are all your custom temporary displays the same? Do you feel like they don’t serve the specific needs of the product you’re trying to sell? If so, it’s a good time to think about updating your displays based on the products you’re trying to market.
update your custom temporary displays
  • Your company’s focus or branding has changed—Every few years, your company may undergo a branding change, or you may alter your company’s focus. When this happens, you should update your custom temporary displays simultaneously to ensure they’re cohesive with the branding and messaging of your operations.
  • Your displays don’t look as good as they once did—Are your custom temporary displays falling apart? Do they look tired and worn? Since custom temporary displays are made of semi-durable materials, you need to refresh them every few months, so they continue to perform in their retail settings and attract customers.
  • You revised or updated your logo—Chances are you included your logo somewhere on your custom temporary displays. To prevent confusion or misunderstandings with your branding and products, plan on updating your displays whenever you make updates or changes to your company’s logo.