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Custom DisplaysYou want your custom displays to stand out – not fade into the background. If you’re on a mission to get your custom displays noticed in a busy retail setting and realize real profits from this investment, here are some tips to make both of these things happen:
•  Establish a theme—Instead of mixing all kinds of themes into one display, pick a theme and stick to it. Some of the most successful custom displays we’ve seen align with the product’s brand and pick up on the same traits in terms of colours and images. From whimsical to formal and anything in between, stick to your gut when picking out your theme.
•  Decide between permanent and moveable—Whether you go with permanent or moveable custom display depends on the merchandise you’re trying to sell. For example, if you’re selling a seasonal product, it’s a good idea to go with a moveable display.
•  Keep your displays fresh—Once you’ve put together your custom displays, keep them fresh so customers remain engaged as they shop. Refreshing your displays can be as simple as updating the colour scheme or rearranging your merchandise in a new way.
•  Look for help—Putting together eye-catching displays that drive sales and brand success is both an art and a science. At d3, we’ve got the science and art of creating successful retail displays down and would love the opportunity to help establish the success of your brand by designing and creating your displays.