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Store Layout Tips for Custom Permanent Displays

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You don’t have to be a big box retailer to take a few tips from their playbook. When choosing your store layout and designing the appropriate custom permanent displays, consider a few tricks that the big guys use that can work for small to medium businesses as well.

Store Layout Tips for Custom Permanent Displays

First, put focus on how your store looks from the street, parking lot, or sidewalk. Window displays should grab attention and properly communicate your image. Using custom permanent displays that you can tailor to the season, holidays, and promotions can prove helpful in creating interest.

Next, consider what shoppers see in the first few seconds. This area needs to make an inspiring first impression. This is not where you put low-quality displays or ones that are so high, they cannot get a feel for the rest of the store. Consider a few custom permanent displays that do more merchandise showcasing than holding a ton of products.

Another trick that big retailers use is arranging their custom permanent displays to steer customers to the right. Moving clockwise feels natural to most people, and they’ll feel more at ease as they shop your store. The first few displays they see as they turn right should be designed to create a connection and welcoming emotional response. Ever notice how many large retailers put their floral department there? You can create the same concept in your store.

You might also have noticed that large stores arrange their layout in such a way as to avoid long aisles. This is done to maintain the attention of the customers so that a large percentage of merchandise isn’t overlooked. Mix things up, and you can achieve quicker turnover of your merchandise.

At d3, we are a trusted source for quality custom permanent displays, and we are more than happy to work with you to have your displays work with whatever store layout you are working to create. With a bit of assistance and planning, you can take your small to medium store to a higher level of success and grow it until you are one of the big guys! Reach out today to learn more about our process for creating successful store displays.