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If you’ve decided to enhance your marketing plans with a few new store displays, you may wonder whether you should make them temporary or permanent. To ensure that you make the right decision, it’s essential that you understand the benefits of each type of display.

Temporary Vs. Permanent Store Displays: Making The Right Decision

Temporary Store Displays
Store displays
Temporary displays are usually designed to last for a period of 3 months or less and are usually constructed out of corrugate materials. This type of store display can be particular beneficial if you want to introduce a new product to consumers or if you recently made changes to one of your products. Since temporary store displays do not have to be extremely durable, they are often a cost-effective way to showcase your products.


Permanent Store Displays


These store displays are usually made out of durable materials, including metal, wood, and glass, to best reflect the image and position of your brand. Although they require a larger investment than temporary displays, they can help you acquire a significant return on investment.


Semi-Permanent Store Displays


If you need a display solution that expands on the benefits of both permanent and temporary store displays, a semi-permanent display may be a good fit for your brand. These displays usually have a lifespan of about 6 months and can get your products noticed throughout multiple promotional cycles.


When deciding whether to go with a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary display, the main thing to consider is your campaign’s objective. If you need help with the decision process, our team at d3 is always ready and waiting to assist you.