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The Perks of Display-Ready Pallets

At d3, we create eye-catching, effective retail-ready store displays for our clients on a regular basis. Our partners over at Co-Pak then take things a step further with their display-ready pallets, which ensure that shipping your new displays out to the stores of your choice is easier than ever. Here are just a few key benefits of partnering with Co-Pak for all your packaging needs:

  • Our partners at Co-Pak will make sure they handle your product assortment and co-packing requirements with precision to expertly complete your display-ready pallets for shipment. This part of the packing process ensures that your displays are ready for retail.
  • When your display-ready pallets arrive at the store, the retailer can simply remove the packaging materials, and your product will be ready to go. Yes, it really is that easy!
  • In most cases, big-box retailers won’t even think about working with your brand if they have to manage display setup instructions. Thanks to our display-ready pallets, you can gain presence at larger stores, like Home Depot, Walmart, and Canadian Tire, to boost your brand’s growth and take it to a whole new level.

Just like our retail displays, our partners at Co-Pak take as much time as they need to figure out the optimal packaging configuration for your retail displays and come up with the perfect display-ready pallets for your brand. Get in touch with us at d3 today if you want to know more about this process and find out why you can’t go wrong working with us!