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Store DisplaysYour store displays help sell your brand and your product even when you’re not around, so it’s important to make sure they’re doing their job. If you’ve had store displays up for a while, but you haven’t seen much of a return on your investment, here are some strategies you might want to try:
•  Change things up—When it comes to your store displays, you have to keep your customers guessing. This means that your displays should never be the same for very long. A good rule of thumb is to try changing the design or at least the layout of your displays on a monthly basis.
•  Stay away from monochromatic designs—Even if white on white on white is the trendiest colour scheme right now, it won’t do your store displays much good. Always aim to incorporate bright or eye-catching colours into your displays so customers aren’t tempted to keep walking.
•  Light it up—Lighting can do a lot of good for your display. If your display ends up in a darker corner or a less-visited part of a store, try adding some additional lighting to get it the attention it deserves.
•  Put prices on everything—When customers pick up a piece of merchandise, they want to know how much it costs right then and there. Otherwise, they might be tempted to put it down. Make sure you always have tags or clear price markings on your merchandise to avoid losing sales.