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What Happens After We Design Your Retail-Ready Displays?

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Designing and creating custom displays for your brand is exciting! After we get to know more about you and your brand and set out creating the ideal displays for your product and business, there will come a point when your displays are ready to go. What happens when we reach this stage?

When your retail-ready displays are ready to go

When your retail-ready displays are ready to go, we consult with you to determine if anything has changed or if you want to refine anything. With your approval, we package them and get them ready to ship out to the retail locations you delineated. We will make sure your retail-ready displays get to these locations on time and that the store staff receives them and knows what to do with them. The great thing about our retail-ready displays is that all store employees have to do is pull off the outer packaging, and they are ready to go!

We’ll follow up with you after your retail-ready displays ship to make sure you were happy with your experience and ask for feedback regarding what we can do better. We are always looking for ways to improve, so we can continue to create exceptional displays for all our customers!

We’d be happy to tell you more about our entire process for designing, creating, and shipping out creative, intuitive displays that drive sales and provide a strong return on investment. Give us a call at d3 today to speak with one of our representatives about what we can offer you and your brand!