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What Makes Store Displays More Effective?

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Effective store displays are like a stationary salesperson who is always on the clock. Attractive to the eye and effective at turning a potential buyer into a loyal customer, store displays are key to product and retail success. Store displays can be used for many different reasons, including promoting new product lines, showcasing a product relaunch, advertising a promotion or sale and demonstrating the uses of a product.

What Makes Store Displays More Effective?

We have all seen effective store displays and probably some that were not very effective. So, what makes a store display effective?

  • Balance: Balance doesn’t always mean symmetrical, but humans prefer balanced displays and may bypass a display that seems messy or out of balance.
  • Focal point: The focal point should be your product, and everything about the store display should complement your product packaging and the sales environment in which the display will be.
  • Simplicity: Text should be easy to read both in size and font. Words should be limited to the most important message you want to share with potential buyers.
  • Colour: Large blocks of colour are more effective typically than patterns, which can quickly overwhelm the eye.
  • Level: The height of a display is key to its success.

To be effective, store displays must be clear and focused.  Here at d3, we can help you create custom store displays that will suit your company, your brand message, your products and your budget. Whether you are looking for temporary store displays or more permanent options, our design team can help envision the ideal store displays for your needs.