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What to Expect as We Design Your Custom Retail Displays

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What to Expect as We Design Your Custom Retail Displays

Here at d3, we specialize in designing custom retail displays. To effectively design displays that suit your products, your brand message and the retail environment in which they are sold, we need to really get to know your company and your product first. We call this initial meeting your “need assessment”, and the more we can learn about your goals, needs and budget, the more we can deliver the perfect custom retail displays for you.

During your needs assessment, we will discuss many components of your overall visual strategy. We will need to know about your company and brand message, as well as the décor where your products are sold including logos, colour schemes and retail product packaging. We want to make sure your custom retail displays enhance these existing elements and don’t detract or distract potential buyers of your product.

When it comes to custom retail displays, we can design in a variety of standard styles or create something completely new for you:

  • Full Pallet: These are easy to place with a forklift anywhere on your sales floor.
  • Half or Quarter Pallet: If full-pallet designs are too big, consider half- or quarte- pallet options.
  • End-Aisle or Endcap Units: Easily fill the ends of your shelving rows with convenient and high-interest products.
  • Standalone Displays: Free-standing product displays for your open spaces.
  • Counter Displays: Perfect for impulse items like gum and candy.
  • Side Kicks, Dump-Bins and whatever else you need

During the needs assessment and design process, you can count on us to balance the form and function of your new custom retail displays.