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What to Place on Permanent POP Displays

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Before you can get to work designing your permanent POP displays, it is important to consider what you’ll be placing on them. For example, will you have one product you continually keep on display? Or will you be switching it out from time to time? The type of product, how often it will need to be restocked, and even the placement of the display come into play. It is also important to note that “permanent” doesn’t necessary mean that it will stay in one location. If you plan to move it around your store, you’ll want to be sure you get permanent POP displays that are easy to move with a forklift and are built sturdily enough to do so.

What to Place on Permanent POP Displays

Ideally, you want to choose permanent POP displays over temporary or semi-permanent for any products you have to restock frequently, so they can stand up to both the constant onslaught from customers and the repeated movement of restocking. Heavier products are also ideally suited for permanent POP displays.

Keep in mind that permanent POP displays are able to be placed anywhere in your retail location, not just at the point-of-purchase (POP) that gave them their name. In addition to being near checkouts, they can be in the middle of aisles, the end of aisles, sitting on countertops, placed on pallets, or full floor displays in highly trafficked areas where you want your high profit percentage items to be prominent.

When you contact us at d3 to provide you with permanent POP displays, we take the time to learn about your objectives and what you’ll place on your displays so that we can custom create the ideal display for your needs. We believe that the ideal solution always begins with a thorough needs assessment. Nothing escapes our discussion – because defining it fully early on enables us to be the best possible advocates for you and your brand. Our process helps us provide you with our recognized service and decision support, prevents surprises, and ultimately leads to stronger retail success. Call today to learn more.