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What you Need to Consider as a Vendor That Supplies the Store Displays

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When consumers go into a retail outlet, such as a grocery store or flooring store, very few of them realize that the store owner doesn’t always own all the store displays. Some of them are provided by vendors for a variety of reasons. If you are a vendor who supplies the store displays, you have the added challenge of meeting the store’s objectives along with your own. Here are some tips for designing custom store displays that will prove successful for both of you.

What you Need to Consider as a Vendor That Supplies the Store Displays

  • Consider Store Sizes– As a vendor, your customer is the retail stores that sell the products you manufacture. While there can be many different sizes of stores involved, you may be able to fit the majority of them with one style and size of display so that you don’t have to put a different one in each store. If you have everything from small mom-and-pop stores to major retailers, you’ll need store displays in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate them.
  • Consider Sales Volume– As you place store displays with your various retailers, consider which ones will be your best in terms of sales volume and be sure that they have permanent, high-quality, durable store displays. They’ll need them to stand up to rigorous shopping and restocking efforts. You may be able to go with semi-permanent store displays for low-volume stores.
  • Consider Atmosphere– While your store displays need to speak to your branding more than the store’s, a talented design team can design store displays that achieve both rather effectively.
  • Consider Store Objectives– If you are looking at expanding and want to get more retail locations to carry your products, you’ll need to convince them that your store displays will fit their objectives. If you hit a store that is reluctant, showing you are amenable to creating custom store displays can go a long way to landing them as a customer.

At d3, we always we put our extensive shopper and retailer intelligence to work in every design solution. We’ve worked with every major retailer across all segments. We know each of their unique stock and display requirements and their hot buttons. This intelligence goes into every step of the design process with your store displays. For both you as a vendor and at the store level, capturing shoppers’ attention is the endgame that leads to your success. Contact us today to learn more.