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When Should You Retire Your Temporary POP Displays?

Temporary POP displays, and retail displays in general, are all about improving your company’s bottom line. So, if your temporary POP displays have been performing like you want, when should you retire them and implement new ones? Here are a few guidelines to follow as you design and incorporate new temporary POP displays:

  • At the end of the season – Your customers don’t want to see temporary POP displays housing sunscreen and beach toys in the middle of fall. As soon as you move into a new season, get rid of your temporary displays and replace them with something that’s more seasonally appropriate.
  • Frayed, bent, or broken displays – At the first signs of wear, you should take down your old temporary POP displays and replace them. People are drawn to well-organized, pretty, and bright displays, so don’t let yours get too worn out before switching them out.
  • New branding initiatives—You were running a special promotion on a product or introduced a special limited-edition product, and the end of that period is over. Get rid of the display marketing this feature and swap it out for new displays that align with your brand’s current objectives.
  • When you want a change – There’s nothing wrong with getting rid of your old temporary POP displays and putting in new ones when you want to highlight something new about your brand or simply because you’re excited for something different.

Here at d3, we’re here to help you come up with the ideal timeline for your temporary POP displays, so you know exactly when to get rid of the old and put in the new. To find out more, give us a call!