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3 Advantages of Custom Displays

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Here at d3, we specialize in creating custom retail displays for a wide variety of businesses and their products. We are big believers in the power of custom displays to attract and retain customer attention, and in this article, we’ll be going over three advantages of custom displays.

One of the biggest advantages of custom displays

  • Elevate Your Brand. One of the biggest advantages of custom displays is that they provide opportunities to elevate your company brand. If you are promoting your own product line, remember that customers perceive the packaging and displays as part of the product itself, so skimping on these things can create associations you don’t want. Even if you’re selling someone else’s product, though, custom displays allow you to keep your company name foremost in your customers’ minds.

3 Advantages of Custom Displays

  • Increase Convenience. Another advantage of custom displays is that they make it easier and more convenient for your customers to find what they need–or to grab what looks good. The power of convenience has a big influence over shopping behavior, and your customers will buy more when it’s more convenient to do so. Our team at d3 can help you create displays that will make it easy for your customers to buy.
  • Boost Revenue. Although it may seem like more and more shopping is being done online, actually looking at the data, as the Point of Purchase International Association does, reveals that 70 percent of all items are still being bought in physical stores. This means that your in-store displays still matter a great deal, and you can boost your revenue significantly by optimizing your location with custom displays.