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3 Key Advantages to POP Displays

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Point-of-purchase displays, also referred to as POP displays, are free-standing displays that can be used on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on your needs. No matter what you sell, there are many benefits of utilizing POP displays in your retail space.

3 Key Advantages to POP Displays

If you haven’t used POP displays in your own store yet, here are three reasons to consider them:

  • They’re eye-catching. The purpose of marketing is to capture people’s attention. Therefore, the more eye-catching your displays are, the more likely your customers are to notice your products. POP displays present the perfect opportunity for using bright colours, slogans, and other design elements that are sure to attract customers to your display.
  • They appeal to impulse buyers. Many sales are boosted by impulse buyers. POP displays can be used to showcase many products that are typically purchased on the fly, such as phone chargers, candy, and headphones. Impulse buyers can bring in a lot of sales, so consider placing POP displays full of highly appealing products near your checkout area.
  • They can boost third-party sales. If you sell your products at other stores, you might have to rely solely on the other retailer’s advertising efforts. However, if you want to make sure that your products can stand out amongst other items, you should consider sending your products to other stores with POP displays. Instead of getting lost in a random shelf in a big aisle, your products can benefit from a bright and eye-catching display, even if they aren’t being sold in your shop.

If you’re interested in designing and purchasing a POP display to help boost sales for your product, call us here at d3 today.