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Are Custom Temporary Displays Right for
Your Business?

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At d3, we want to help you do what’s best for your business, and we offer a wide variety of displays to help you do that. One of the options we offer is our custom temporary displays, which can be a great benefit for any promotional period. In this article, we’ll go over what factors to consider in order to decide if temporary or permanent displays are right for your business.

Are Custom Temporary Displays Right for Your Business?

  • Length of Time in Store. One factor to consider when deciding between custom temporary displays or permanent ones is how long you plan to feature the product or group or products in your store. If you want to include a product on a long-term basis, it’s probably best to invest in the permanent infrastructure to do so, but if you only need to display a product for a few weeks, then temporary displays are the way to go. This means that temporary displays are best for seasonal and one-time promotions.
  • Weight of Product. Another key thing to think about when deciding whether to get custom temporary displays or something more permanent is the weight of the product you intend to feature. While heavier products such as glass bottles or large bulk items may need a sturdier unit on which to rest, lighter items such as bags of chips will do just fine on a cardboard display. Of course, our team can provide temporary displays that can hold up to weightier products, so we encourage you to call our experts to discuss your needs in more detail.
  • Marketing Goal. Lastly, we encourage you to consider your goal for each display before you decide to make it temporary or permanent. While every store needs permanent display units for their core product catalogue, sticking to the same products all the time will quickly make your customers get bored, and cause your sales to stagnate. To get the continual growth you’re looking for, you’ll need to periodically introduce new products to excite more interest, so custom temporary displays are important for every operation.