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Are You Optimizing Your POP Displays?

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A common misconception about POP displays is that they can only be used for their initial intended purpose of Point-of-Purchase (POP) when the customer is ready to check out after making their other selections. The reality is that you can use them in far more locations than you might think, and they work splendidly to showcase a new product or draw attention to a sale item. In addition, you can use POP displays to push products that generate higher profit percentages or ones that have been lagging in sales.

Are You Optimizing Your POP Displays?

Another use for POP displays is to provide information for your customers in places where they can’t help but notice, such as on restroom stall doors. It is also important to note that quality is important when purchasing POP displays. They must be able to elicit the type of emotion from the customer that you desire – namely, one that captures their interest and converts them from shopper to purchaser in a split second.

Getting back to the actual POP location for your POP displays — don’t be afraid to go to town on this area as those impulse buys can add up considerably and boost your bottom line. Provided you don’t impede the movement of the customer through the check-out process, you can use POP displays to your heart’s content.

If you would like guidance in selecting POP displays for your company and have confidence that the design, functionality, and durability will meet your needs, turn to us at d3. We can help you draw attention to the retail items you place at your checkouts, as well as design POP displays for use throughout your establishment to boost sales. Contact us today to discuss your retail display needs.