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Design Elements that Make POP Displays Work

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POP (point-of-purchase) displays usually only have seconds to attract the attention of shoppers as they pass by and turn potential buyers into a sale. In those precious few seconds, your POP displays need to make a connection to the buyer. Because of this, POP displays must be carefully planned, designed and executed to ensure their success.

Design Elements that Make POP Displays Work

Here at d3, we focus on certain design elements when designing POP displays because we know they work. We have designed hundreds of POP displays for major retailers in a variety of industries. Here are the design elements we consider while designing:

  • Simplicity: Sometimes, less is more. You want it to be eye-catching, but not overwhelming.
  • Graphics: Colour and design are used to evoke an emotion from a potential buyer.
  • Text: Size and font are key to design success. A well-crafted sentence can help persuade buyers to choose your product.
  • Use of space: Our POP displays will optimize your use of space, balancing the amount of product displayed and the space you have for the display.

We also know that your products will be sold in a retail space, so we consider that environment too. Lighting, décor and the product packaging itself must all be considered during the design process. Whether you are looking for POP displays for gum and candy, cosmetics, school supplies or any other products, we can design them to suit your products and your spaces perfectly. With the right design elements, you can launch, rebrand and successfully promote your products.