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Do Custom Retail Displays Always Have to be Elegant?

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When you think about custom retail displays, you might think about ones that are breathtaking and elegant. However, that might not be something you need, yet a custom option is no less advantageous. Let’s dive into some scenarios in which you might have a different objective for your custom retail displays.

Do Custom Retail Displays Always Have to be Elegant?

  1. Discount store: Your target audience is different than other types of retail stores. Your customers are looking for bargains and aren’t likely to be swayed by a fancy display case. In this instance, your objectives will be more functional in nature, such as being strong enough for everyday, long-term use and permitting easy access for your customers.
  2. Security goals: There are many high-ticket items that require custom retail displays, but not necessarily fancy ones. Electronics are an example.
  3. Unique products: If you have uniquely shaped products that won’t fit on a traditional retail display, you’ll need custom retail displays with which ease of stocking and customer use are your main objectives. Aesthetics can enter into the equation, but may not be as critical, depending on the product.

At d3, we factor in everything when assisting with the design of custom retail displays. These are just three scenarios in which you might not need something elegant and luxurious, but do still have the need for a custom solution. We will also cover whether you need a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent display based on your objectives. You can rest assured that our custom retail displays will perform as you expect and exceed your expectations.