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Retail Displays

Retail displays are a powerful tool you can use to enhance your brand and boost sales. However, to make your retail displays as effective as possible, there are a few mistakes you need to steer clear of:

  • Leaving your retail displays for too long – The longer your retail displays sit, the less interesting they become to customers. After you introduce a new display, request that the store move it to a different location every few weeks. Once this occurs, plan on replacing the display with something new.
  • Creating displays that aren’t user-friendly – Shoppers want to pick up and try out your product before they buy. For this reason, your retail displays should be durable enough to support this action. Otherwise, customers will be less likely to stop what they’re doing and check out your display.
  • Going monochromatic – Although they may be chic, monochromatic displays won’t maintain shopper attention. Group your products using two or three colors and combine one thing that makes a grouping.
  • Putting up a “Do Not Touch” sign – This is a surefire way to turn shoppers away from your display. Don’t fear customer interaction with your products, and make your retail displays as user-friendly as possible for the best results.

These are just a few of the mistakes to avoid if you want to up your game and create retail displays that stand out. If you need some help, we’re always here for you at d3, so give us a call today!