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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Custom Displays

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The purpose of working with a company that creates custom displays is avoiding all the inherent problems with pre-fab options. It can be helpful to consider just what you want to avoid so that you do not make mistakes when designing your custom displays. Here are a few mistakes that could result in less effective displays:

  • Distracting- Custom displays that are too “busy” can result in shoppers avoiding the display and never making a purchase. Be sure your custom displays have a focal point and key attributes that present a clear vision and attract positive attention.

Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Custom Displays

  • One dimension- You want your custom displays to have various visual elements so they do not make your products seem ordinary or dull.
  • Confusing- Your custom displays should be easy to stock and easy to shop from. Avoid complicated displays that may confuse shoppers.
  • Spacing- It is one thing to maximize your floor space with a well-filled display, but that might not be in your best interest if you have a luxury item that needs a display that matches its price point. Nobody wants to buy an expensive item that is being displayed as a budget one.
  • Blocked view- Be careful that your custom displays allow you to properly display your merchandise without blocking important information or other displays. Placement of multiple items should be done carefully so all items are accessible and related.
  • Stale- A stale, uninspiring display isn’t going to give you the results you want, which is also why updating your in-store displays, even custom ones, from time to time is necessary.

If you would like to discuss custom displays for your store that will be the effective, successful displays you need to boost your sales, reach out to us at d3. Our process to define, design, and deliver the ultimate in custom displays that fit your brand and avoid mistakes such as these has made us a trusted source for companies looking for a competitive edge. Reach out today to learn more.