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Custom Displays

It’s easy to focus primarily on creating visually-stimulating custom displays to the point where you forget about the other four senses. While not for every display, custom displays that capitalize on this approach experience significant success when compared with others. Here are just a few ideas for incorporating the five senses into your next round of custom displays:

  • Sound – While you may not have much control on the music played in a retail setting, you can find ways to incorporate sound into your displays. For example, you may have speech recorded for customers to listen to at the touch of a button.
  • Touch – Give shoppers the opportunity to feel, touch, and try out whatever you are trying to sell with your custom displays.
  • Smell – If done right, smell can add a significant advantage to your custom displays. This is because certain smells trigger memory and emotion within the brain, making scent a powerful marketing tool.
  • Taste – If you’re in the business of selling consumables, give customers the ability to taste the product before they purchase it. This is the equivalent of letting customers try on clothes before they buy, which is a highly effective practice.
  • Visual – There is an endless number of ways you can incorporate visual cues into your displays to make them more memorable to consumers. Leverage lighting, use colors that trigger psychological responses, balance and contrast images, and take advantage of symmetry for exceptional results.