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Custom POP displaysWhen it comes to custom POP displays, you want your displays to effectively drive sales and catch the attention of shoppers. In order to do this, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid during the creation process.


1. Forgetting to Target Your Audience. Your product or brand likely appeals to a specific type of shopper. Before you start making new custom POP displays, make sure you understand what shoppers you’re targeting. Using this information, you can tailor your displays to complement the interests of this group of people.


2. Failing to Introduce Benefits. Not only do custom POP displays catch the attention of shoppers, but they can also educate them about what your brand has to offer. Make sure that you don’t forget to highlight the most notable features of your product on your store displays.


3. Not Creating Interest. It’s absolutely essential that your custom POP displays stand out. To do this, avoid creating displays that are commonplace or lack features that will grab the attention of buyers. Remember, your displays and your product should complement each other to create a complete experience for consumers.


4. Working with the Wrong Team. The team you work with during the display creation process plays a large role in the success and profitability of your POP displays. At d3, we’ll make sure that the custom POP displays that we make for your product effectively target its benefits, appeal to the right demographic, and catch the attention of buyers.