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Guidelines for Using POP Displays to Sell a New Product

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Developing a new product is exciting! Now that you’re done with testing, development, and manufacturing, you’re ready to introduce it to the world and want to try out POP displays for getting your brand noticed. As you work with us to create these POP displays, here are some helpful guidelines to encourage retail success:

try out POP displays for getting your brand noticed
  • If you’re trying to sell a lower-priced product, you should keep what you spend on your POP displays to between 5 and 10% of the total retail value of the products you’re merchandising.
  • You may be eager to sell as much product as possible, but don’t put too much on the display at one time! Show the retailer you choose that there’s a demand for your product by showcasing just a few of the products at once and replenishing the stock frequently.
  • When it comes to design, don’t fall short on the graphics included on your POP displays. Although this will increase the overall cost of your displays, it’s one of the most effective ways to build your brand.
  • Start with a set of temporary POP displays, and once you’ve established your brand, consider investing in some permanent displays. This lets you tweak the overall design if need be without very much loss to your investment.

We’d be happy to give you more advice about using POP displays to sell your new product and build your brand! Contact us at d3 today to get started.