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How Long Do Custom Permanent Displays Last?

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Custom permanent displays remain in their spot in a retail setting indefinitely. Because there’s no likely expiration date on them, it’s easy to assume that once one of your custom permanent displays has been placed in a store, it’ll stay there forever. Although this is true to some extent, most custom permanent displays don’t become an everlasting part of the store.

How Long Do Custom Permanent Displays Last?

Our custom permanent displays are incredibly durable and handle ongoing usage extremely well. But when we design and deliver custom permanent displays, we usually try to have them last around one to three years. This is usually enough time for our clients to establish their brands and get their name out there in a new retail environment. But after a year or so goes by, we find that most of our clients want to revamp their custom permanent displays with new products, new messaging, or a refined branding approach.

Seriously consider how long you want your permanent display to remain in your intended retail setting (or at least try and estimate this time period). You should also calculate the total retail value of the products you want to display and the expected number of times you plan on refilling your display (either per quarter or per year).

Our team at d3 can help you with the rest, designing and creating a visually appealing display that promotes your brand and drives it to success over an extended period of time. Turn to us today to find out how we can make this happen for your brand with our custom permanent displays.