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Is Attracting Attention the Only Objective with POP Displays?

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There are two goals when it comes to point of purchase (POP) sales. One is to choose items that are ideal for impulse buying to hopefully increase the sales amount for each customer. The second is to have POP displays that attract attention. It might seem that attracting attention is the only purpose of a POP display, but there are also other considerations. First of all, they must stand up to being brushed against quite a bit during the checking-out process and the products being handled as customers entertain themselves while waiting in line.

Is Attracting Attention the Only Objective with POP Displays?

Another consideration of POP displays is that they must be easy to stock and easy for customers to grab what has drawn their attention. You also want to be sure they can get just one item off without the rest falling to the floor, where they’ll be trampled and ruined. It is also important to choose your POP displays based on their flexibility. You’ll likely change out which products you put at the registers, and you want your display to be able to handle those product switch-outs with ease.

The key when choosing POP displays is to work with experts who have designed them for a long time. At d2, we can create display solutions that will deliver on the objectives that mean the most to you. We can create a custom result that checks off all the boxes for functionality, aesthetics, and longevity so you can have the competitive edge you need to win in the retail industry. Reach out today to learn more about our DEFINE • DESIGN • DELIVER process for POP displays.