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Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Custom Retail Displays

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The beauty of custom retail displays is that you can design them however you want. The downside is that you have so many options that it can be easy to make a mistake. If you take some time during the design process and consider common mistakes that you should avoid, your custom retail displays will do what you need them to do. Here are some mistakes to avoid when creating custom retail displays:

  • Failing to grab attention- The rule of thumb is that custom retail displays need to grab the customer’s attention within 8 to 10 seconds. A disorganized display won’t give your customers something that draws their attention quickly enough.

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Custom Retail Displays

  • Incohesive design- The mind can be confused by custom retail displays that appear cluttered and mismatched. If you can create a uniform pattern and order, you stand a better chance that customers won’t turn away before they can reach a buying decision.
  • Too few or too many products- Customers want variety, but can be turned off if there are too many choices. Too few bores them, and too many is overwhelming. Find the perfect balance to have the most successful display.
  • Display detracting from the product- Custom retail displays should draw attention to the product, not take away from it. You want a strong message, but be careful not to be too flashy.

At d3, we are more than happy to assist you in creating effective custom retail displays. We’ll be your point person every step of the way. We’ll solve problems and smooth out processes without a lot of fuss. It’s what we do! We genuinely care about your success and will do everything in our power to help you avoid mistakes with your custom retail displays. Reach out today to learn more.