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Not All Retail Displays Should Stand Still – Here's Why

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In today’s bustling world of retail, it’ hard to make your brand stand out among the many others it’s competing with. While most retail displays already work towards this goal, how can you make sure your display showcases your products and values while also selling merchandise? The answer is one you may not have thought of: moving retail displays.

retail displays already work towards this goal

Incorporating movement into your retail displays is a great way to draw customers in and help them find out more about what your brand offers. Whether you’re putting your displays in a big-box store, department store, grocery store, or smaller boutique, there are many ways you can add movement. For example, if your displays are made from corrugated cardboard, you could have it wave at customers. Or, if you’re displaying your product in a more sophisticated setting, a fan lightly blowing fabric around may entice customers to look in the way of your display.

One of the best things about moving retail displays is that they encourage your customer base to interact with your display. Add an interactive feature to your display, such as a small screen that lets customers explore your product further or try a sample; when you combine that with movement, you have a display that can help you increase revenue and help you maintain profitability.

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