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Picking the Best Colour Themes for Your Custom POP Displays

As you design custom POP displays with our help here at d3, one question we are going to ask you is what kind of colour scheme you envision for your displays. While you can always pick your favourite colours, we recommend putting a little more thought into this decision to ensure displays that stand out and effectively target your customer base. Here are some general guidelines to stick to:

  • Start with a theme for your custom POP displays and pick hues that complement it. For example, if you were going for a beach theme, you would pick colours that invoke feelings of being at the beach, like light blues, sandy browns, and bright yellows.
  • Comfort and reassure interested customers by using shades of oranges and browns. Or, create a calming effect with colours like blue and green.
  • If you want to alert customers to something great about your product, go for bright colours that grab people’s attention. For instance, you may want to incorporate yellows and reds to stop shoppers in their tracks. However, make sure to use bold, bright colours sparingly throughout your custom POP displays.
  • The colour scheme you choose can increase brand recognition. Find a way to work your logo into your retail design to help customers appreciate the colours associated with your company.

We can’t wait to start working together on your custom displays and to help you pick out the perfect colour scheme for the design. For more information, contact us today!