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custom retail displaysWith more and more custom retail displays becoming available, it can be hard to differentiate one industry term from another. If you’re like many people and get confused by the difference between point of purchase and point of sale displays, there are a few things you need to know.
Point of Sale Displays
Point of sale custom retail displays are generally located in a convenient place where customers will pay for their merchandise. Oftentimes, these displays are used to market smaller merchandise, like candy bars, cosmetics, and other things customers might remember they need or want after they’re done shopping.
One of the main reasons why point of sale displays work so well is because customers only have a short period of time to purchase the item. For this reason, a good display can entice customers to put the merchandise in their basket before they go through the checkout line.
Point of Purchase Displays
Point of purchase displays refer to the location where customers decide to actually buy an item. Otherwise known as the “product placement” zone, these custom retail displays are designed to give customers information about the merchandise and view the product in a place besides just on a shelf.
Since these displays are designed to highlight a specific product, they are often highly customized with fun facts, eye-catching images, and careful branding. While they can be placed almost anywhere in a store, they are usually located in high-traffic areas for maximum exposure.