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Popular Materials for POP Displays

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There’s no question that POP displays are one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways to get your brand noticed. These store displays convince people to give in to impulse buying, as long as you put together a display that catches shopper attention and makes people engage with your brand.

Popular Materials for POP Displays

We’ve created POP displays of all types here at d3, and some of the most popular materials we like to use to make them include:

  • Foam board—When we use foam board to create POP displays, we place the main body of the display in between paper lines. These displays usually have an easel back that you can easily place on top of counters and tables. The best part about foam board is that it comes in a variety of thicknesses, and you can cut it out into nearly any shape you can imagine.
  • PVC—Strong and lightweight, PVC’s matte finish doesn’t dent or break easily. This material gives POP displays a more industrial look.
  • Ultra-board—If you’re looking for an incredibly durable POP display, ultra-board is the way to go. This material is composed of sheets of styrene with foam bonded in between each separate layer. We recommend ultra-board if you need your POP display to withstand prolonged use in a high-traffic area.
  • Styrene—This material is used for POP displays as well as for packaging. We like styrene not only because it’s a user-friendly material, but also because it comes in tons of thickness levels and colors.